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This site is dedicated to Tektronix and their founders..
Yes it is! In my point of view the early Tektronix redefined the oscilloscope into the electronics industry “workhorse”. No other company undertook so much efforts in development new techniques for tubes, circuitry and ergonomy for their scopes and associated products. At the very first beginning Tek defined a new industry standard with their 511 oscilloscope.

This site is named “Classic Tektronix Scopes” - What means classic? A good explanation of this comes from Stan Griffiths, a well known Tek collector and retried Tek engineer. On this hompage (please checkout the links) he notes that first the classic intrument had to be “special [...] during its prime”. Second, instruments introduced later than 1969 are not a classic. I could agree with the second reason but will extend the the second one: all tube-built scopes and plug-ins with their sources and generators are classics for me. This contained the early scopes like the 511, 524,.. and the unreached plug-in series like the 530īs, 540īs, 550īs and 580īs. Also mixed desgin (tube& transistor) in late plug-ins (1S2) and scopes like the 556 and the 560īs. (although I donīt like the 560īs as much as the younger ones ;-).

What does this site (today and hopefully in the future) show? In the museum section we start with the scopes I collected so far. You will see pics, specs and (later) some thoughts about the circuitry. In the Plug-Ins section you will find pics, specs and (later) typical measurement setups to get the most out of them. The manual section will contain a stocklist of manuals I have. The repair hints will hopefully assist anyone who has problems with his instrument. I invite everyone to email me his or her hints - youīre welcome! Inspired from Stans homepage you will see the humor of the manual writers - please imagine if you nowadays read a manual of your $10.000 instrument (if you get one) nobody would allow you to draw such artfull “gimmicks”. I will close with a hitlist of wanted parts.
Such a museum would never see the light of day without the help of many friends and other collectors and my wife. Please look at the credits!
Scope collectors and specialists will a little bit worry about the 4050 Series link. This basic computer and terminal found its home here as a former colleague told me he would throw it away if I donīt pick it up and collect it ;-). Faithfull users will find games, programms (..a link program for pc), eprom images and the system files...enjoy it!

This museum is not only a “virtual” web museum - it is real! Everyone who is as “stupid” as me is invited to visit me and the museum at home (area of Muenster).

Thank You for reading
Richard Heming
Zum Hagen 14
48341 Altenberge

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