Only a few so check out!

  • Arnoud van der Wel: In the mid 90th he was an EE student at Twente and sticked together a nice small homepage with classic tek scopes. Everyone could contribute. This droves me to setup this page... So if you want to tell a nice Tek-Talk - donīt forget to contribute to my museum :-)
    There is a "new" link showing the frontpage of the original museum...
  • Stan Griffiths: he has hundreds of scopes in this stock, he sold parts, gives assistance and donīt miss to look at his book! Itīs the bible for collection/restoring old Tek scopes unnecessary to say that I have my own copy...
    Unfortunately, because of sadly circumstances, the origianl site is down, so here is a snapshot from an achive... reprise hp archive
  • Stefan Gräf: Formerly curator of "". But now he downsizes his collection and you will find him working and restoring his Simca oldtimers :-)
  • Alfred Arnold: the first link took you to his computers and workstations and the second one is dedicated to Telefunken audio equipment 



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