Let´s start to thank Tektronix: They show me since the middle 80´s what fine instruments I could leave the cheap plastic junk behind.
Thanks to Hans van de Weyer and his homepage. If I´ve seen his efforts to create this platform the idea emerged to start a museum of my own.
Thanks to Stan Griffiths, he was the first who gave me assistance for aquiring parts, repair hints. His book is the right stuff to start the business with old Teks.Very special thanks and greetings to Ignaz. Without this guy I some very nice highlights of my museum would never find the way to my home :-)
Also to Parick Schäfer who sold me his old 555 my first Classic Tek. His basement is and was extremly important (and my stock ;-). Thanks to Alfred Arnold and also Patrick who explored the huge 519 scope on the dump :) Best wishes and thanks to Stefan Gräf. When I met this guy I start with the first miniscope (200 series), please have a look on this page, too. Thanks to Mr. Hein for the 4052 and Mr. Heflik for dozens of manuals and some instruments. With Monty McGraw I found a very experienced and knowleged “wizzard” for the 4052-Series.
Thanks to Mr. Schmitz and Mr. Drobez from Tektronix Service department in Germany who always gave me valuable help with manuals, information and other stuff!

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